Raw Resources - Ark: Survival Evolved

Thatch is one of the most common resources in Ark. Yuo can harvest it by hand, pick, axe, or dino, this resource is used in crafting many items. Thatch can also be burned as a fuel in most fires. With the right Dino, you can harvest vast amounts of Thatch very quickly. Large quantities of Thatch are often used in Stone construction.

Thatch is one of the basic resources found in Ark, and it  is used in the crafting of many items in Ark. It can be harvested from trees.

Harvesting Thatch

Thatch is easy to harvest. You can harvest it by hand simply by hitting any tree. Be warned, though, you will injure yourself if you use this method. A pick is the best handheld tool for harvesting Thatch. An axe does yield some thatch, but not very much. Metal tools are far more effective and yield much higher quantities.

The Stone Pick is the basic tool for harvesting resources in Ark.

The Metal Pick is the best tool for the harvesting of many resources in Ark.

The Stone Hatchet is the basic wood gathering tool in Ark. You can also get small amounts of Thatch with this tool as well.

The Metal Hatchet is the main hand held tool for gathering wood in Ark. It will also produce small amounts of Thatch.

Harvesting Thatch With Dino Power

Most Dinos do collect some Thatch in addition to small amounts of wood. The best early game harvester of Thatch is the Trike or Triceratops. With the huge head on this Dino you can quickly get large quantites of Thatch, along with a lot of berries and seeds, and small amounts of wood.

Probably the best Dino for harvesting Thatch is the Bronto or Brontosaurus. With its massive tail, the Bronto can bring in tons of Thatch, berries, and seeds in a very short time. Be careful, however, as that tail can do a lot of damage and easily strike nearby Dinos.

The Triceratops makes harvesting Thatch, berries and seeds an easy matter in Ark.

The Brontosauraus, or Bronto, is possibly the ultimate machine for harvesting Thatch, berries and seeds in Ark.