Raw Meat

Raw Resources - Ark: Survival Evolved

Raw meat is the basic food source in Ark. It is best to cook it before eating it (no steak tartare!). It is also used in taming and does spoil, which turns it into Spoiled Meat. Cooked Meat lasts much longer than Raw Meat.

Raw Meat is a fundamental food source in Ark and is also used in taming. It is best to cook it before eating it.

Harvesting Raw Meat

Any living critter in Ark has the posibility of dropping raw meat when harvested. Even a dead player can be harvested for raw meat, and there is no distinction between meat harvested from animals or humans. It's all just raw meat.

For the most part, the larger the animal the better the chances for raw meat - and the more likely you are to get larger quantities. Dodos are an easy early food source for raw meat, while the Phiomia is a virtual raw meat pinata; the only problem is that it's one of the fastest running land Dinos I've seen so far.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your Dino kills something it may harvest the meat. Herbivores simply don't, but a carnivore can and often will. Simply access the Dino's inventory to see if it has picked up any goodies.

Now the harvesting of animals once they are dead is rather interesting. In fact, for a premier survival game it's quite weird, but there are no proper tools for this task. When you harvest an animal it seems to balance out like this. A Pick, metal is better than stone, and it may yield more meat and less hides. Using a Hatchet, metal is better than stone, will tend to yield more hides and potentially less meat.

The Stone Pick is the basic tool for harvesting resources in Ark.

The Metal Pick is the best tool for the harvesting of many resources in Ark.

The Stone Hatchet is the basic wood gathering tool in Ark. You can also get small amounts of Thatch with this tool as well.

The Metal Hatchet is the main hand held tool for gathering wood in Ark. It will also produce small amounts of Thatch.