Raw Resources - Ark: Survival Evolved

Stone is one of the most common harvestable resources in Ark. It is used in a wide variety of crafting recipes and can be found almost everywhere. From loose stone you can harvest with your hand to larger rocks that must be harvested with tools or a Dino, you'll be using a lot of this resource.

Stone is a basic resource in Ark that can be found almost everywhere. It is used in a wide variety of crafting.

Rocks can be found almost everywhere in Ark. They are a primary building material.

Rock fields are common in Ark and allow for easy harvesting by hand.

Methods of Harvesting Stone

Harvesting Stone is simple, but harvesting it efficiently can be an interesting prospect due to its weight and the massive quantities you'll need in order to craft different items.

Perhaps the easiest and potentially most effective method of harvesting stone is with your bare hands. With either nothing equipped in your hands, or with the aid of a simple torch, you can run around a rock field and collect stacks of stone quite quickly. You'll also get some stone when harvesting larger rocks using a pick. The metal pick is far more efficient than the stone pick, but takes a bit to craft and maintain.

The Stone Pick is the basic tool for harvesting resources in Ark.

The Metal Pick is the best tool for the harvesting of many resources in Ark.

Stone Harvesting With Dino Power

Harvesting stone with the aid of Dinos that are specialized for resource collection is probably the easiest and fastest way you can harvest stone. There are currently at least two Dinos that are good at this type of collection. One is dramatically better than the other. Having said that, it is the best Dino for harvesting flint, metal and obsidian!

The first Dino is the Ankylosaurus. With an Ankylo you can harvest Stone with some effeciency, and it has a decent weight capacity that can help make harvesting stone much easier. But it is not the best dino for the task by any means, as it tends to generate far more Flint and Metal than it does Stone. That alone should tell you this guy's specialization!

The second is the Doedicurus. This Dino is the ultimate rock harvester. It does not collect anything from rocks other than stone. You won't see flint or metal when harvesting with this Dino, just plenty of stone. It is extremely easy to collect hundreds of Stones in a very short time using one of these critters.

One of the best resource harvesting Dinos in Ark is the Ankylosaurus. It does gather some stone, but excels at the rarer resources.

The Doedicurus is the best Stone Harvesting Dino in Ark. It harvests stone, wood and thatch, producing large volumes of Stone quite quickly.