Rare Flowers

Ark: Survival Evolved

Rare Flowers are found in only a few regions on the Ark. The are used in a few of the Rockwell Recipes. Collecting a decent number of these can be quite the challenge.

Rare Flowers are found in very few areas on the Ark. They are used in some of the Rockwell Recipes.

Finding & Harvesting Rare Flowers

Finding Rare Flowers is a simple matter. You just need to harvest bushes and you'll get the odd Rare Flower as a rare drop. But only certain bushes in certain regions have any chance of providing Rare Flowers as a drop. And your best method of harvesting is by hand.

The bushes that drop rare flowers are found on the top of mountains and in the swamps. So that means you'll have to head either to the mountain tops or into the swamps. Both provide challenges and dangers, so make sure you are prepared before you head out.

If you have a flyer you may be able to zip up to the top of a mountain, harvest some Rare Flowers and get out before you end up in too much trouble. Be careful.

The screenshots below show the bushes where I have found Rare Flowers. The first two screenshots are of bushes in the Swamps, while the third one is of some bushes on the tops of a mountain.

This image shows one set of bushes that can provide Rare Flower drops in the swamps on the Ark.

This image shows other bush types that can provide Rare Flower drops in the Swamp Biome on the Ark.

This image shows some bushes on a mountain top that can provide Rare Flowers on the Ark.

Harvesting Rare Flowers With Dino Power

The fastest method of harvesting Rare Flowers is with Dino Power. Regardless of where you are going to harvest, a good berry harvesting Dino is your best buddy for getting Rare Flowers fast and in quantity.

A Trike will do the Trick, but a Stego or bigger is definately better. I find when harvesting berries, seeds, and rare flowers that it's all in the tail. How big is it? How large an area does it clear? And definately how much Melee Damage does that Dino have?

In the screenshots below I show harvesting with a Stego which is an earlier tame and an easier to acquire Dino. These were taken just inside the edge of the Swamp along the East Coast of the main Ark island. Map GPS Coordinates are 56.3 - 83.3.

This shows a good location on the Ark for harvesting Rare Flowers.

Here we see the incredible power of harvesting Rare Flowers with Dinos on the Ark.