Ark: Survival Evolved

Raw resources are the most common type of resource in Ark and are used for everything. You'll need to know what these resources are, how to find them, and how to effeciently harvest them. Many resources can be harvested by hand or hand tool, but often there is a Dino that is specialized for the collection or production of the resource you are looking for.

Oil is a key resource for crafting and food preservation in Ark. It is found underwater and as a rare drop from certain creatures.

Processed resources are those resources that are created when one or more raw resources are processed. While this may sound simple enough, there are many ways that this process can be sped up or simplified. There are even a few Dinos that produce these resources naturally and knowing which ones can make life a lot easier.

Electronics are a crafted resource created by using the Fabricator in Ark.

While Plant Species X is not exaclty a resource, it is not your standard crop either. It's seeds can only be found in the wild, and it only becomes a viable defensive mechanism once you have grown it to maturity in a Large Crop Plot. But where to find the seeds? What do you need to do to grow them? And what can they do once they are mature. These questions are all answered and there are some GPS and Map Locations where you can find Plant Species X in the wild to harvest a ton of seeds.

Plant Species X is a rare find on the Ark. But it is also an effective and low maintenance defense once mature.