Crafting Using The Fabricator

Crafting - Ark: Survival Evolved

The Fabricator is used to craft higher tech items and structures in Ark. It is also used to repair these items and does require Gasoline as a fuel in order to operate. Advanced armor and weapons are also made in the Fabricator, along with the ammunition these weapons require.

The Fabricator is one of the advanced crafting stations in Ark and requires Gasoline to operate.

Crafting & Bulk Crafting With The Fabricator

Like the other crafting stations, the controls for crafting in the Fabricator are almost identical to those used to craft from your inventory. The big difference with the Fabricator is that it requires Gasoline as a fuel source and can be turned on and off.

Also like the other crafting stations it is possible to use more than one at the same time, making bulk crafting easy. Do keep in mind, however, that this does increase fuel usage and on that point bulk crafting with the Fabricator may not be the most resource efficient process.

Once you have loaded up your Fabricator and started crafting you can close the interface and crafting will continue. This allows you to set up and use other Fabricators at the same time.

Also keep in mind that if you have some Farming going you could try one of the Rockwell Recipes. The Focal Chili provides a 25% bonus to movement speed and a 100% bonus to crafting speed.

Mass production or Bulk Production is easy with the Fabricator in Ark. You just need to set up more than one.

This image shows the Fabricator filled with resources in Ark.

This image shows the fabricator with an Engram selected and Gasoline to make the Fabricator ready to craft advanced items in Ark.

In Ark you can see the Engram Details within the Fabricator by hovering your mouse over any Engram.

Additional Crafting Methods & Crafting Stations

On the Ark you have a few different crafting stations, in addition to crafting in your inventory. These you have to craft before you can use them of course, but they provide you with advanced crafting options and allow you to craft even more Engrams. And unlike Inventory crafting you can use many of these crafting stations at a time.

Crafting In Your Inventory
Crafting Using The Mortar & Pestle
Crafting Using The Refining Forge
Crafting Using The Smithy

You can also Repair items that you have crafted. There is also Bulk Crafting.

Bulk Crafting In Ark
Repairing Items In Ark