Battle Tartare

Rockwell Recipes - Ark: Survival Evolved

Battle Tartare is one of the more exotic of the Rockwell Recipes in Ark: Survival Evolved. Be warned that while this recipe will provide you with nearly superhuman melee capability, it will also cause you serious harm.

Battle Tartare is one of the more exotic Rockwell Recipes from Ark Survival Evolved.

Battle Tartare Recipe

In-Game Description:

Only eat this dish when you intend to go into a brawl. It causes pain and stress to your body, but grants you almost supernatural strength, speed, and resilience.

Warning: This concoction can be habit-forming.

1 serving of Raw Prime Meat (3 Raw Prime Meat)
2 handful of Mejoberries (20 Mejoberries)
2 dollops of Stimulant (8 Stimulant)
2 Rare Flowers
1 Citronal
1 Longrass

Submerge in Water (Waterskin, Water Jar, or Canteen at least 25% full)

Cook in Cooking Pot.

This recipe grants you incredible melee performance, but causes you great harm as well. The recipe is 3 Raw Prime Meat, 20 Mejoberries, 8 Stimulant, 2 Rare Flower, 1 Citronal, and 1 Longrass.

Exact effects of Battle Tartare:

150% increase to melee damage, 50% bonus to movement speed, 15% damage resistance, 15% stamina regen
Warning: 50% increase to food and water consumption and 0.45 hp damage per second (total 90 hp damage)

Lasts 200 seconds.

Battle Tartare grants the player nearly supernatural melee capabilities, but at the same time causes serious injury in Ark: Survival Evolved.