Farmable Crops

Farmable Crops - Ark: Survival Evolved

There are numerous farmable crops in Ark, ranging from easy-to-find berries to advanced vegetable crops that can only be grown and harvested in crop plots. These berries and vegetables not only provide a food source, but are also used in crafting and in various Rockwell Recipes. Once you have your chosen seeds, you'll need to setup a Farm.

The first thing you need to do in Farming is get yourself some seeds. There are many places to look and many different seeds you can find. Finding seeds can be slow and laborous or fast and easy. It all depends on where you look and how you harvest. Here is where you'll find the details to make seed collection as quick and easy as possible.

Harvesting the various bushes in Ark will provide you with berries and seeds. You can harvest by hand, but it is much faster with Dino Power!