Raw Resources - Ark: Survival Evolved

Obsidian is one of the more difficult to locate resources in Ark, and is used in advanced crafting. Found for the most part in the higher mountains, this resource is best harvested with the Metal Pick or Dino Power. Keep in mind that this resource is most plentiful up in the mountains, though not all mountains feature Obsidian.

Obsidian is harvested using a pick. It is most often found higher in the mountains in Ark.

Obsidian is a rare resource found in the mountains in Ark. It is often a dangerous journey to secure this resource.

Obsidian is a rare resource found in Ark that is used in advanced crafting. It is harvested with either the Metal Pick or Ankylosaurus.

Harvesting Obsidian

Harvesting Obsidian can be a challenge.The journey to where the Obsidian is found can often be quite dangerous. Of course, in many cases it's not exactly safe on the mountain tops either.

There are dangerous Dinos that spawn near the mountain tops, and freezing cold nights can seriously injure or even kill you. Of course, this varies in degrees, depending on the region in which you are harvesting.

There are two ways to harvest Obsidian effectively: with a Metal Pick or an Ankylosaurus. Either way works well, but the Anylo is faster and can carry a lot.

The Metal Pick is the best tool for the harvesting of many resources in Ark.

The Ankylosaurus excels at harvesting Obsidian in Ark.