Processed Resources - Ark: Survival Evolved

Sparkpowder is an easy to produce resource that is used in Ark in the crafting of many items and resources in addition to the preservation of food and perishables. It is also used in many of the Rockwell Recipes, especially relating to Dyes. It can also be used as a fuel for fires instead of Wood or Thatch.

Sparkpowder is created using flints and stone in the Mortar and Pestle. It is used in crafting, preserving bins, and as a fuel source for fires in Ark.

Crafting Sparkpowder & Bulk Production

Creating Sparkpowder is actually quite simple. Just place one Stone and two Flint into a Mortar & Pestle and click Craft. Poof, you'll get two Sparkpowder.

Now, as for mass production, you should keep in mind that you can craft in more than one Mortar & Pestle at the same time. So you could load up two or three and just start the crafting process in each one.

Ok, so now the question comes up as to how you acquire bulk Flint and Stone. That's actually quite easy. There are Dinos specialized for these tasks. For more information on mass harvesting these resources, please see these pages:

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