Repairing Items & Structures

Crafting - Ark: Survival Evolved

Repairing both items and structures on the Ark is a big part of surviving. But how do you repair items and structures? There are a few different ways that things can be repaired and knowing what they are is the key.

Repairing Items In Your Inventory & Quick Slots

If the items were crafted in your inventory then you can repair them in your inventory. The first thing that you will need is the required materials. You can hover over any damaged items in your inventory to see a list of items required to make repairs. More resources are required for more serious damage.

You can repair an item in your inventory simply by clicking on it. This will cause the Repair Item button to become available. Just click that and the item will be repaired.

It is also possible to repair an item in your quick slot. For example if your Stone Pick breaks while you are mining and it is in quick slot 1, just press 1 and it will be repaired. You can then press 1 again and you'll have your pick back in your hand ready to continue working. Of course, as with all repairs, you need to have the materials to make the repair.

Repairing items in your inventory is quick and easy in Ark. Just remember you can only repair items in your inventory if they are items that can be crafted in your inventory.

Repairing Items In A Crafting Station

Items that were made in a crafting station must be repaired in a crafting station. For example you craft the Pike in the Smithy. If it needs repairs, you must put it back in the Smithy and repair it there. You must also place the materials required in the Smithy.

As a bonus, any item crafted in your inventory can also be repaired in the Smithy. This means you can leave your Smithy loaded with tons of supplies and do most of your repairing quickly and easily in one spot.

If craft an item using a crafting station in Ark, you must use the same type of crafting station to repair it. You can also use a crafting station to repair any item crafted in your inventory.

Repairing Structures

Repairing structures is a bit different than repairing items. When you look at a damaged structure you'll see a list of materials that is required to repair it. If you have the materials in your inventory you can just press E and the repairs will be conducted. You can also hold down E to bring up the wheel and select Repair.

There may be cool down timer when a structure is damaged. For example if you accidentially damage a wall you may have to wait 3 minutes before you can conduct repairs. This was implimented for PvP balance and can be adjusted in your game settings if you are playing Single Player, hosting a Non-Dedicated Session, or running your own server.

If a structure is damaged you'll see a list of materials required to make those repairs. Ark makes the repair process easy by allowing you to simply press E to conduct the repairs.

In Ark you can also hold down E to bring up the wheel while looking at a damaged structure. You can then select the repair option and the wheel will be repaired.