Crafting Using The Refining Forge

Crafting - Ark: Survival Evolved

The Refining Forge in Ark so far has two primary uses. First, you can refine Metal Ore into Metal Ingots. Secondly, you can refine Oil into Gasoline. Of course, you can also create Charcoal by burning Wood, which you'll probably do in refining your raw resources.

The Refining Forge is the second crafting station you can unlock in Ark. It is required in order to work with Metal and other resources.

Using the Refining Forge and Bulk Refining

The Refining Forge is probably the easiest crafting station to use in Ark. To make Gasoline, simply put in Oil and Hides. Light up the forge and you'll get your Gasoline. For more information on Gasoline, check out this page: Gasoline In Ark

You can also refine Metal Ore into Metal Ingots by placing an even number of Metal Ore into the Refining Forge. Light up the forge and you'll get Metal Ingots.

To fuel the Refining Forge you can use Wood, Thatch, or Sparkpowder. All of these will work well. Wood will produce Charcoall as it burns. With Thatch you'll go though a lot since it doesn't last long. Sparkpowder lasts the longest and isn't that hard to create.

Don't worry if you put in too much of a raw resource, it won't be wasted. The only thing that the Refining Forge can waste at this time is fuel. It will keep running until you turn it off or it runs out of fuel. That means if you have extra Metal Ore, Hides, or Oil in it, they won"t get wasted. They will just sit there.

Bulk processing with the Refining Forge couldn't be easier. Simply build a few of them, then load them and light them. It's that simple. You don't have to sit there and watch them work. You can set them up and wander off.

With three refining forges close together, it makes bulk refining very easy in Ark.

You can create Metal Ingots in Ark by placing Metal Ore into the Refining Forge and lighting the fire.

In Ark you use the Refining Forge to refine Oil and Hides into Gasoline. This image shows the Refining Forge in the process of producing Gasoline.

Additional Crafting Methods & Crafting Stations

On the Ark you have a few different crafting stations as well as crafting in your inventory. These you have to craft before you can use them of course, but they provide you with advanced crafting options and allow you to craft even more Engrams. And unlike Inventory crafting, you can use many of these crafting stations at a time.

Basic Crafting In Your Inventory
Crafting Using The Mortar & Pestle
Crafting Using The Smithy
Crafting Using The Fabricator

You can also Repair items that you have crafted. There is also Bulk Crafting.

Repairing Items & Structures
Bulk Crafting